What are the biggest threats to the growth of environmentally friendly commercial catering and refrigeration equipment? Well, according to a panel of commercial catering equipment distributors, it is discrepancies in customer attitudes towards energy efficient equipment. The long and the short of it? End users want energy efficient equipment but they don't want to pay for it. Manufactures are pushing the message of energy efficient machines very aggressively, and rightly so, with energy costs rising month on month the potential for savings is huge, not to mention doing your bit to save the planet. Unfortunately, it seems, the message isn't getting through clearly enough. For customers, particularly smaller, one site operators, seeing past the increased initial capital expenditure can prove difficult. That's easy to understand, the smaller the operation, the smaller cash the flow and therefore the bigger the dent made by a more expensive piece of equipment. So what can be done to help? Well, one of the simplest things customers and distributors would like to see is a standardised method of testing the efficiency of commercial equipment. Then at least customers can feel they are comparing like with like in order to make an informed decision about which machine is most efficient or which gives and efficient to cost balance they can live with. Secondly the government should bring in a minimum efficiency for all domestic and commercial equipment, this would remove some of the cheapest models from the market and help level the playing field. And finally we'd like to see the government introducing subsidising schemes like those seen in Wales and Scotland to help companies invest in the most efficient, often more expensive equipment. Foster Fridge would certainly sign up to any scheme which helped customers invest in their future, and the future of the planet, by purchasing Foster Refrigerator equipent that leads the field in energy effiency.