The CEO of BSH has chosen International Energy Saving Day--March 5th, 2013-- to remind buyers how much energy it's possible to save by buying energy efficient appliances. Dr. Kurt-Ludwig Gutberlet, CEO of German-based BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeraete GmbH (BSH) estimates that a European household using only modern, super-efficient appliances can expect to save about £300 in energy costs over the course of a year. This is based on the calculation that modern home appliances consume up to 73% less electricity than comparable appliances of 15 years ago. The energy efficiency class of a machine, which should be posted on the label of all European appliances, is designed to help consumers determine how environmentally friendly an appliance is and compare it to similar products. As an example: a refrigerator in the top energy efficiency class, A+++, uses only half as much electricity as an appliance with a class A+ for the same work. BSH created a portfolio of only the most economical appliances available in their class which is updated every year. Looking at the service life as a whole, using only appliances from the 2011 super efficiency portfolio would offer savings of about 1.9 billion kilowatt-hours - about the annual electricity consumption of half a million average households. Foster Refrigerator produce some of the most energy efficient commercial fridges available today. In addition Foster Fridge are contantly working to reduce their global consumption of manufacture and non-manufacture based resources. This includes all forms of energy, water, and other fluids such as oils, greases, and chemicals, as well as solid materials such as paper, plastics and metals.