On 20th March 2013 the Government confirmed, in Budget 2013, that a number of changes to the ECA Scheme for energy saving technologies would come into effect in the late summer or early autumn 2013. These changes are based upon recommendations made to Government by the Carbon Trust in November 2012. Below is a summary of the proposed changes to the criteria, a copy of the amended criteria is also attached. Forced Air Pre-Coolers

  • Renamed the category as 'Air Blast Coolers'. Modified performance thresholds to refocus ECA support on the best performing products, and align more closely with other refrigeration categories. Clarify the scope of coverage and update to reflect market changes in control methods.

Refrigerated Display Cabinets

  • Increased performance thresholds to refocus ECA support on the best performing products. Revise criteria to include update to test standard.
  • This on-going period of industry stakeholder engagement seeks to capture final comments on the technical writing of the proposed ETCL criteria changes (e.g. proposed standards are correctly referenced, descriptive technical text aligns with common industry terms or nomenclature), and we invite you to provide such feedback. The review will complete on the 14th June. All technical comments received will be considered on their merits. Updated ETCL criteria (i.e. ETCL 2013) will be implemented in Statute in late summer or early autumn 2013.

Proposed 2013 Criteria Refrigerated Display Cabinets - Issue 3 - 20th May 2013 Proposed 2013 Criteria Air Blast Coolers - Issue 2 - 24-5-13 If you require any further assistance or information regarding this matter please email [email protected], or call 0300 330 0657