Northumbrian Water is calling for commercial food outlets to dispose of fats, oils and grease in the proper manner rather than pouring them down the drain after spending £145,000 on clearing blocked drains caused by food waste last year. NWL are teaming up with local food outlets to highlight the damage that can be caused by pouring fatty food wastes down sings and drains. One of the big problems, they say, are industrial macerators, which lull users into thinking the problem is negated. However fatty deposits cause blocked drains, spinning them through a macerator doesn't change that, and blocked drains cost money to unblock, cause unpleasant odours and leaks and can cause businesses to close. As more and more kitchen owners, driven by environmental concerns, financial concerns and government legislation, move towards zero waste, making sure dishwashers and sinks siphon grease and fat into appropriate containers to be disposed of correctly is becoming increasingly important. For most that will mean arranging for waste fat, oil and grease to be taken away by a waste carrier registered with the Environment Agency.