The much anticipated EU energy labelling regulations for commercial refrigeration cabinets has finally gone live as of Wednesday 8th July 2015. The new legislation is part of the Ecodesign directive which will prescribe mandatory minimum energy performance and labelling levels for all cabinets sold from 1st July 2016 onwards.

Currently the ratings run from A+++ for the most efficient units to G for the least efficient units, this will change in July 2018 when the ‘G’ rating will be dropped and then again in July 2019 when the ‘F’ rating will be dropped. This will leave an efficiency scale that will go from A+++ to E , meaning the current worst performing units will not be eligible to be sold in the EU.

The EU plan to review the rating system no later than 5 years after its launch , it is likely this will lead to further reductions in minimum energy performance levels and additional focus on responsible manufacturing where cabinets are produced to meet high performance and energy efficiency standards, rather than low resale costs.