Christmas is the busiest time of the year for the food and drink industry with clients spending far more on food and drink than they would at any other time in the year, as a result it can be an incredibly profitable period, but if your service and food standards do not live up to expectations it can damage the reputation of your business for years to come.

Christmas is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your business to clients that might not normally come through your doors. Office meals have a varied cross section of co-workers with varying ages and tastes that may not be local to the area so pulling out all the stops with excellent service and food will attract new customers and boost loyalty of existing clientele.

Although putting on extra waiting staff and bar staff will increase the wage bill it is a wise investment as the biggest disappointment for staff Christmas meals is the length of time waiting for food and drinks. It is also a good idea to add value to make your customer experience stand out, why waste money spent on table decorations or unnecessary extras could be better spent on a sorbet course or coffee and mints at the end of the meal.