After much research and development Foster Refrigerator have finally added an option for fully frameless acrylic doors on their multideck ranges. The shatterproof clear acrylic doors combine an uninterrupted view of the merchandise with large reductions in energy bills for the end user.

Foster have made sure the doors are an option on both their FMSLIM and FMPRO multideck display refrigerators. As well as saving up to 55% on energy bills the doors improve insulation efficiency whilst still being lightweight and easy to open. The design of the doors are sleek with no mounted hinges meaning they are easier to clean and there is less chance for dirt to get trapped and bacteria to breed.

The Foster multideck range also offers maximum storage with a shelf depth of 400mm on the FMSLIM models and 450mm on the FMPRO models, this means with more capacity for products the unit will need replenishing less often.

To view the entire range of Foster multideck units go to our multideck page.