Foster Refrigerator get ready for a surge in commercial freezer sales as a study by the University of Salford Business and Hospitality Schools for the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) finds that pubs could save from £50k to £115k by using frozen ingredients or even frozen meals. The study compared preparing identical pub meals using fresh/chilled ingredients, frozen ingredients and frozen ready-made meals and looked at the fluctuating cost of fresh ingredients over a year vs buying once at scale and at one price and then freezing; the difference in grades of staff required; the time needed to prepare each meal; utilities required– including gas, electricity and water - to store, prepare, cook, wash and clean up after each chilled and frozen dish; and the amount of waste and the cost to dispose of it correctly. The study showed that substantial savings could be had, which could serve as a welcome financial respite to many pubs as many continue to feel the bite of recession. Foster freezers are amongst the most energy efficient and durable available in the market today, and as such offer even greater savings through reduced energy bills, repair bills and maintenance costs.