Foster Refrigerator was accepted onto the Governments Energy Technology List (ETL) some years ago and is pleased to be able to say that all ranges of the Peterborough based brand have all been reviewed and remain on the list. The Foster EcoPro G2 range of cabinets and under counters have been redesigned from the ground up to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and maintain the marques affordability; the aim was to offer caterers a commercial refrigerator or freezer that was not only as robust and energy efficient as possible but also competitively priced, Foster wanted a range of commercial fridges and freezers that would be robust enough to withstand the daily pressures of a busy commercial kitchen whilst at the same time offering real energy-saving and maintenance cost reducing opportunities. The continued inclusion of all the Foster Refrigerator range of commercial refrigeration equipment, both refrigerator and freezer, cabinet and counter specifications – on the Carbon Trust’s ETL underpins its competitive low energy usage and offers greater opportunity caterers and commercial food preparation companies to purchase energy efficient, cost saving refrigerated storage equipment.