The New Life Foundation for Disabled Children is asking for help from the UK Catering Industry. The charity, which helps disabled and terminally ill children in the UK, is looking for surplus or unwanted stock to recycle and either give to children and their families to use or sell on to raise funds. A spokesperson for the charity, Allison Timmins, said "If catering equipment companies are able to donate stock that is unwanted, returned and damaged, or redundant and end of line then we can then resell or recycle in our corporate home store and raise money for the charity. We are able to make use of any catering products that are re-saleable or recyclable, including pots, pans, cutlery, baking ware, china and baking equipment." As an added incentive to help she explained that "any catering equipment companies that can offer support would not need to do anything other than offer the surplus items for free. We’ll set them up on our system as donors, arrange for free collection by our carriers and take away all items that are not required or redundant — and we provide a free corporate recycling service,” she said. “We exist to make profit, which we pass onto the charity and buy equipment, catering or otherwise, for disabled children." Any other catering equipment companies that would like to help the New Life Foundation for Disabled Children through donating catering equipment can reach Allison via email here.