Online Video to push Efficient Commercial Refrigeration message

Foster Fridge Commercial Refrigeration has taken to new media to help market and demonstrate its refrigeration equipment to new and prospective customers. The reach of channels such as YouTube and Vimeo mean that Foster Fridge can both reach new customers and demonstrate its award winning products to customers who may be to far away or time pressured to make it into their Dunstable showroom.The commercial refrigerator distributor is releasing a series of online videos that demonstrate key features of their extensive range of commercial fridges, freezers and blast chillers, from programming to maintenance to efficiency, with special focus on the increased efficiency and durability - and the cost saving implications of these advances - of the new Eco Pro G2 ranges of cabinets and undercounter refrigeration units.

Foster have released two videos so far, covering the Eco Pro G2 Refrigeration Cabinet Range and the Eco Pro G2 Refrigerator Under Counter Range which aim to give customers, prospective buyers and other foodservice professionals a good overview of the Eco Pro G2 range, the advances in commercial refrigeration and the benefits to users these products represent and some good information about getting the best out of their commercial refrigeration units.

Foster have kept the videos short, whilst trying to cover as many of the ground breaking technological advances brought to the market by the Eco Pro G2 ranges of refrigerators and freezers, "we wanted to cover as much ground as possible but in as quick, easy to access, easy to digest a format as possible." said Becky Sharpe marketing manager for Foster Fridge, "online videos allow us to do that. Some of the information can be quite dry but by incorporating it into a video, with something to look at, we hope we make it a bit more interesting. Plus it makes it very easy for people to share and forward to other interested parties, either in their work place or their industry." More videos covering Foster Blast Chillers, meat / chill cabinets and fish cabinets will follow shortly. Foster hope to have the full range of Foster Refrigerator commercial refrigeration products covered by the summer, both in terms of videos giving an overview of the range and also in more detailed videos covering features, advantages and operation of individual units. Vidoes will be made available on the website as well as via their YouTube and Vimeo channels.