Ice machines make ice, that's a fact. But when those ice machines are employed in the food service industry that cannot just be any old ice; ice machines in the commercial food industry have to produce ice that is pure, clean and of all shapes and sizes, add on to that that the machines themselves have to be reliable and extremely energy-efficient and you have a very tall order indeed for commercial ice machines. At the recent National Restaurant Association show some of the industry's leading manufacturers were showing off just what it takes to be a leading exponents of reliable, efficient ice machine for the food service industry. For example the 2013 Kitchen Innovations award recipient, the Follet Corp. 7 series is able to collect melt water and recycle it to be refrozen, this cuts down on energy needed to freeze a given volume of ice and the amount of water needed to produce a given volume of ice, it also allows it to be installed in areas where draining might be an issue so a traditionaly ice machine may be unsuitable. Another efficiency boosting feature was the four, 12 & 24 hour delay modes found on the Manitowoc Ice NEO freezer units which allows users to set the machine to run on a 4, 12 or 24 hour cycle of ice production and storage. This, it's claimed, reduces energy and water usage and unwanted ice production. Around the show the majority of manufacturers had machines offering increased levels of hygiene, reduced physical foot print, reduced energy consumption and reduced water usage for a given volume of ice. Even the most demanding of restaurant owners and food preparation managers must be happy with that.