In a poll run recently in Cheltenham and Gloucester 99% of shoppers said they thought the clear display of merchandise in refrigerated display cabinets was "very important" or "important". 50% of those questioned thought they would prefer to shop from cabinets without glass doors, with only 12% believing they would prefer to shop from cabinets with glass door. 29% of those questioned regarded glass doors as a barrier to shopping and 30% of respondents thought they would be less likely to shop from a refrigerated cabinet with glass doors, while 62% didn’t know. For some supermarkets, refrigeration can account for up to 50% of their energy usage and so obviously represents an area in which significant savings can be made. Consequently some retailers have been trialling refrigeration cabinets with glass doors as an energy saving initiative. The research, however, was carried out by Adande, a Lowestoft based refrigeration company, who have somewhat of a vested interest given that they have just launched their ‘Air-Cell’ technology, a patented air flow management system that negates the need for glass doors. I wonder how much of shoppers responses was actual resistance to doors on refrigerated cabinets and how much was simply resistance to change, if you asked the same people what they thought to taking the doors off freezer cabinets would they be for that or think that was an unacceptable option too?