Following on from our recent article about bacteria in your ice machine we have listed our top tips below for avoiding contamination and keeping your ice machine safe and working effectively:

*Fit a water filtration system if you are in a hard water area – this will improve the quality and taste of the water and help guard against the build-up of microbial growth and limescale.

*Do not remove ice from the storage bin with your bare hands – germs present on your hands will contaminate the ice you are removing as well as the ice you touch in the machine.

*Do not return unused ice to the storage bin – this may have been contaminated so in turn will contaminate the rest of the ice in the storage bin.

*Do not store your ice scoop, food or any other objects in the ice bin – these can all contaminate the stored ice and the machine.

*Keep the door or lid of the storage bin closed at all times.

*Change your water filters on a regular basis – this will ensure that the water being drawn through remains of a high quality.

*Get a refrigeration expert to service and clean internal components of your machine at least twice a year – they will know how to disassemble/assemble all components and make sure that your ice is safe to serve.