Most catering establishments take cleanliness and health & safety extremely seriously and have regular hygiene routines in place. Whilst it is common to see ovens, grills and work surfaces religiously cleaned after each service most operators forget to clean and maintain their ice machines on a regular basis.

Ice machines can be a breeding ground for bacteria and this in turn can contaminate the ice and cause a health issue. Ice machines should be cleaned regularly but how often depends on usage, location within the establishment and the quality of the water bought into the machine (i.e. whether a proper water filtration system is in place).

Ice machines without a filtration system are vulnerable to a build-up of microbial growth, scale and slime. As well as being dangerous to health these build ups can also cause costly damage to your machine. Slime will clog the pump, scale will harden on the evaporator and water valve and mould can destroy the motor and electrics.