Bakery Refrigeration Cabinets

Various commercial bakery refrigeration cabinets exist so that you have a stylish way of storing all of the necessary products to keep your bakery running. From ingredients to finished products, there are units to accommodate you. Single and double doors provide you with the space that you need while slides will make it easy to accommodate all of the trays that you may be using throughout the day. Some units can even allow product to be wheeled right in, saving you a lot of time in your operations.

You can count on to provide you with all of the units that you need for your bakery. These units are made from durable materials and will provide you with the performance for many years to come. When you need to make an investment in refrigeration units, we will assist you throughout the decision-making process so that you can save money and get the best possible product.

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Refrigeration Cabinets

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  1. Foster EP 20 BSR Refrigerator (+1°/+4°C)
    Foster EP 20 BSR Refrigerator (+1°/+4°C)
    An upright single door unit providing ideal storage for all the ingredients required in a busy bakery. Manufactured with a 304 grade stainless steel exterior this easy to clean cabinet comes supplied with 20 pairs of tray slides ready to accept 30" x 18" trays as standard with the option of 60 x 40 cm trays available giving complete versatility.
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