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EcoPro G2 Range

The G2 range of Foster refrigerators have been extremely popular. You will be able to take advantage of dual temperature refrigeration, making it ideal to hold various products in a single cabinet. You will also be able to enjoy thermal efficiency as well as energy efficiency – your electric bills will be much lower by using this new technology. This helps you to keep your total operating costs lower while still getting a refrigeration unit that is durable and looks great at the same time.

We offer an array of models that include refrigerator and freezer temperatures and you will love the various designs that they come in. Whether you are looking for glass doors, a slimline or anything else, we are able to accommodate your needs. Foster has been a popular brand for years and we are proud to be able to offer these quality machines for your commercial purposes.

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    Foster EP 700 SH EcoPro G2 Low Height Refrigerator (+1°C/+4°C)

    The Foster EP 700 SH is a reduced height refrigeration cabinet. It has all the functionality of the G2 range but delivered at a lower height. Designed for sites with doorway restrictions and kitchens with low ceilings. Despite a reduced height the EP 700 SH offers a large net capacity of 439 litres.

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    Foster EP 700 H EcoPro G2 Refrigerator (+1°/+4°C)

    The most popular refrigerator & unit from the Foster EcoPro G2 range. With sleek new modern aesthetics and improved internal fittings for easy cleaning, an all new robust construction and market leading capacity combined with a new improved low energy refrigeration system reducing energy costs, it's easy to see why.

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    Foster EP 700 G EcoPro G2 Refrigerator with Glass Door (+1°/+4°C)

    The Foster EP 700 G EcoPro G2 Refrigerator with Glass Door has all of the benefits of the solid door EP700 commercial refrigerator with the added advantage of having your stored products easily visible to reduce door opening frequency and duration.

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    Foster EP 700 HL EcoPro G2 Dual Temperature (+1°/+4°C & -18°/-21°C)

    The Foster EP 700 HL EcoPro G2 Dual Temperature refrigerator is a robust, easy to clean dual temperature unit with all the advantages of the G2 range. With the convenience of both freezer and refrigerator temperatures in the same cabinet plus “Smartphone” style touch, sensitive controls this is the ideal solution when space is at a premium.

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1 - 10 products displayed of 10