Foster Refrigerator 2 Years Parts & Labour Warranty

Foster Refrigerator two year parts and labour warranty policy applies to a range of new products ordered and invoiced after 1/01/09 and accessories supplied by Foster Refrigerator. Products covered under the warranty policy are as follows:

2-Year Warranty

Foster and Gamko products covered under a 2-year onsite parts and labour warranty policy are as follows:

EcoPro G2 Cabinets & Counters, Xtra Cabinets & Counters, Slimline and 410 Cabinets, Undercounters, Low Level Counters, Prep Stations, Prep Tables, Pan Chillers, Specialist Storage Cabinets, Gastronorm Roll-Ins, Bakery Storage Cabinets, Ice Machines, Controlled Thaw Cabinets, Cabinet Blast Chillers/Freezers, Multidecks and all Gamko products.


1-Year Warranty

Foster units covered under a 1-year onsite parts and labour warranty policy are as follows:

Dough Retarder Provers, Fast Freezers, Modular and Roll-In Blast Chillers/Freezers, DWC's, Temperature Monitoring Systems and Coldrooms.

Coldrooms installed, where the product is supplied, installed and commissioned through Foster or its Dealer network are covered. Colrooms which ae supplied only and fitted by a thirdparty carry a 1-year parts only warranty.

Equipment fitted with a Remote Refrigeration System carries a 1-year parts only warranty


This warranty is to the original purchaser only. Foster Refrigerator is responsible for the warranty of the product to the purchaser/end user, including any labour content required in the fitting of parts supplied by Foster. This warranty does not apply to spare parts sales.

Please note that all the above is subject to Foster Refrigerators standard warranty terms and conditions - available on request


Foster's Responsibility

Coverage :

  • Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.00pm
  • No weekend call out or service calls
  • No out of hours coverage
  • UK mainland only. Northern Ireland and surrounding Isles come with a Parts Only warranty

Foster will endeavour to respond to site within 2 working days of the request being sent and acknowledged.

Foster Refrigerator's obligation under this warranty shall be limited to Foster Refrigerator's option to repairing or replacing ex-works, for, any part which under normal and proper use and maintenance proves to Foster Refrigerator's satisfaction to be defective in material or workmanship within 24 months of the original delivery date (12 months for Coldrooms and other equipment listed above), provided notice of such defect is given within 14 days of the defect being discovered.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Foster Refrigerator hereby limits liability upon any claim arising in respect of negligence by Foster Refrigerator in the manufacture of a part or a new product to the terms and conditions of the obligations as outlined above. Further, in the event that Foster Refrigerator should be the subject of a claim in negligence by any other party in respect of a part or new product supplied to the Buyer, the Buyer shall indemnify Foster Refrigerator for any such claim which exceeds the limitation of liability as set out previously herein.

Please note that Foster's standard Terms and Conditions apply to this warranty.

If a defect comes to light after the official warranty has expired, this may be brought to the attention of Foster Refrigerator, who in the interests of customer relations, will give the matter full consideration.


The Warranty does not cover (The items below and call outs will be charged for):

  • Second-hand products
  • Any products supplied for remote application (one year parts only warranty will apply)
  • Products or parts subject to misuse, abuse, overloading, power surges, alteration, neglect, damage, fire, flood, Acts of God or operation outside accepted normal conditions e.g. high ambients
  • Any product or part that has been attended by a non-authorised installation or service person, which in Foster Refrigerator's opinion may have had an adverse effect on the product or its operational stability
  • Loss of food or contents of the product due to failure for any reason
  • Any equipment connected to the product but not supplied by Foster Refrigerator
  • Any claim in excess of the original product price
  • Any additional damage caused by the delay or failure by the end-user to notify the Dealer or Dealer to Foster Refrigerator of an existing defect
  • Consequential loss or damage, cost of repairing or replacing other property which is damaged, loss of time, loss of profits, potential profits, loss of goodwill or any other incidental damage of any kind
  • Gaskets, cabinet doors, counter drawers, handles, refrigerant, liquid line driers, shelves, trayslides, ladder rack and fixings, unit cover, castors and legs, cabinet shell, electric bulbs, fuses, keys, glass, filters, mains plug and lead,
  • Hose connections, blocked drains and consumables e.g. batteries, printer cartridges, paper rolls
  • Products where Foster Refrigerator is denied access to the equipment for inspection or servicing at a convenient time
  • Products where the customer has not properly maintained the equipment in accordance with instructions, literature or directions issued by Foster Refrigerator, such as failing to clean the condenser on a regular basis
  • Fuse blown
  • No fault found, abortive calls for whatever reason

You can read about warranties in general here.