Transform your commercial kitchen with our high-performance upright fridges and freezers. These stylish units are designed for efficiency and durability and offer versatile storage solutions and exceptional temperature control. Perfect for any professional setting, they ensure your food stays fresh while minimising energy costs. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and elegance with our top-quality refrigeration cabinets.

Commercial Upright Fridge & Freezer Cabinets

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  1. Foster FSL 400 H Slimline Refrigerator (+1°/+4°C)
    Foster FSL 400 H Slimline Refrigerator (+1°/+4°C)
    Where space is a prime concern a slimline cabinet can provide the answer. The FSL 400 H offers a stylish, flexible and economical solution for the compact or awkwardly shaped environment. Fast recovery and even temperature is assured thanks to advanced air circulation helping keep your food fresher for longer. A bottom mounted refrigeration system draws air from floor level, useful where higher ambient temperatures are a concern.
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1-35 products displayed of 35

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Commercial Upright Fridges and Freezer Cabinets

Commercial upright fridge cabinets and freezers, commonly called cabinet fridges, provide you with a classy refrigeration cabinet for your commercial needs. These units are the perfect storage solution for any professional kitchen, offering flexible storage options and a wide temperature range to accommodate various types of food. Whether you are storing produce, dairy, or poultry in a meat fridge, you will have an energy-efficient and easy-to-use quality refrigerator.

Each upright display fridge boasts robust construction, often featuring stainless steel finishes, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance. This allows you to find what you need for your restaurant, bakery, or other commercial facility and save time with efficient organization. Additionally, you will be able to store all products conveniently with sturdy adjustable shelves.

Whether you are looking for a refrigeration cabinet, commercial upright freezer, or even a wine fridge cabinet, you can count on us as the authorised dealer for Foster refrigeration products. Our models, including single-door, double-door, and glass-door fridge options, are designed to minimise energy costs while providing excellent performance. Please contact us if you have any questions about our product line, warranty, or anything else.

Upright Fridges and Freezers FAQs

What fridges do restaurants use?

Restaurants typically use several types of refrigerators depending on their needs. The most common ones are:

  • Reach-in refrigerators: These upright display fridges are similar to home refrigerators but larger and sturdier. They come in single, double, and triple-door configurations and can conveniently store various food items.
  • Walk-in refrigerators: These are large, room-sized coolers that offer flexible storage and allow staff to walk in and access ingredients. They're ideal for restaurants with high food volume.

What do you call a refrigerator that looks like a cabinet?

A refrigerator that looks like a cabinet is called a "panel-ready refrigerator" or "integrated refrigerator." It seamlessly blends with the surrounding cabinetry, offering a cohesive and customized look in the kitchen.

Do commercial fridges use a lot of electricity?

Commercial fridges generally use more electricity than residential units due to their larger size and higher cooling capacity. However, energy-efficient models with advanced insulation and compressors can help minimise energy consumption.