We stock high-quality slimline multidecks and larger multideck display fridges from our trusted partner Foster Fridges. With a temperature range of +2°C - +4°C, they keep cold goods cool and offer a wonderful way of displaying your quality food in eye-catching displays with easy access.

Explore our range of multi-decks for chilled food below including ecoshow multideck display fridges, Foster pro multideck display fridges and slimline multideck display fridges.

Multideck Display Fridges

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  1. Foster FMPRO 900 NG Multideck With Night Blind (+2°/+4°C)
    Foster FMPRO 900 NG Multideck With Night Blind (+2°/+4°C)
    Foster products are designed and built in Britain to provide excellent standards. This display chiller is the ultimate large capacity, multideck solution to your easy access display requirements.Extreme energy efficiency is achieved thanks to LED lighting and a ‘soft closing mechanism’ night blind. Enlarged glass end panels and attractive display window provide customers with a highly visible presentation
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    £4,939.00 £5,926.80
  2. Foster FMPRO 1200 NG Multideck With Night Blind (+2°/+4°C)
    Foster FMPRO 1200 NG Multideck With Night Blind (+2°/+4°C)
    As part of Foster’s Pro range, this stylish display cabinet achieves remarkable storage capabilities thanks to intelligent, economical design solutions. Your professional business requires well displayed products, looking good and tasting fresh. Genuine temperature retention aided by advanced airflow technology always keeps produce at the correct temperature. A robust, class leading multideck with high visual impact and energy saving features including a retracting soft closing night blind.
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    £5,999.00 £7,198.80
  3. Foster EMD700G EcoShow Multideck (-1/+5°C )
    Foster EMD700G EcoShow Multideck (-1/+5°C )

    As part of Foster's multideck range the EcoShow EMD700G offers optimum storage and display. Glass fronted and lockable, this premium display cabinet is both secure and eco-friendly. Incorporating attractive LED uplighting and +Stayclear condenser, this unit has been designed to be both stylish and durable. Start saving on your energy costs today with the EcoShow from Foster.

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    £4,119.00 £4,942.80
  4. Foster EMD900G EcoShow Multideck (-1/+5°C )
    Foster EMD900G EcoShow Multideck (-1/+5°C )

    The EMD900G multideck refrigerator cabinet, part of Foster's display multideck range, delivers premium storage and presentation capability. With its glass front and lockable design, this top-tier display cabinet ensures your products are secure whilst also lowering energy consumption. Featuring LED uplighting and a +Stayclear condenser. Start your energy savings today with the EcoShow by Foster.

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    £4,309.00 £5,170.80
  5. Foster EMD1200G EcoShow Multideck (-1/+5°C )
    Foster EMD1200G EcoShow Multideck (-1/+5°C )

    Part of Foster's EcoShow range of multideck refrigerator display cabinets, the EMD1200G boasts a large storage capacity and stylish display. With a glass front and secure locking mechanism, this premium cabinet prioritises both security and energy efficiency. Enhanced with appealing LED uplighting and a +Stayclear condenser, this unit is engineered to provide an attractive display cabinet whilst also saving on your energy costs.

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    £5,239.00 £6,286.80
  6. Foster EMD1800G EcoShow Multideck (-1/+5°C )
    Foster EMD1800G EcoShow Multideck (-1/+5°C )

    The pinnacle of Foster's EcoShow multideck offerings, the EMD1800G stands out for its incredibly large storage capacity and stylish display. With a glass front and secure locking system, this premium display cabinet emphasizes security and lower energy consumption. Enhanced with LED uplighting and a +Stayclear condenser. Effortlessly transition to better energy savings with the EcoShow EMD1800G from Foster.

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    £6,389.00 £7,666.80

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Enjoy Multideck Display Chillers From Ecomax

Commercial multideck display fridges are ideal in a retail environment. They maintain a consistent temperature throughout the day while providing a lovely display for the shop floor. Our multideck display fridges come with a night blind to conserve energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

A multideck fridge is ideal for dairy products, fresh meats, sandwiches and a range of other delicious treats like cakes, for example. If you'd like to create a grab and go display of your customer's favourites, a standard multideck is the way to go. We also stock slim design units for all of your display demands.

We stock the best multideck display fridges in the industry thanks to our partnership with Foster. Enjoy LED lighting, stainless steel finishes and fridges that maintain temperature effortlessly throughout the day.

Whether you are looking for a Slimline or standard design, you will be able to find high quality units throughout Foster-fridge.com. We look forward to helping you with all of your refrigeration needs and when it comes to showcasing your products in the best possible light, these will provide you with all that you could ask for. Call us today and let us help you with your selection.

Multideck Chillers FAQs

What temperature should a display fridge be?

All of our display fridges have a temperature range of +2°C - +4°C and maintain this temperature easily throughout the day. This is the ideal temperature for storing drinks and food in a unit like this.

What are display refrigerators?

Display fridges keep things cool but offer an attractive display for your customers. They are excellent for any business that serves chilled food and want to make a great impression on their customers.

What is the function of a display chiller?

The function of a display fridge is simple - attract customers to products while keeping them chilled. The front display ensures that your food looks its best, but the consistent temperature range ensures that nothing spoils throughout the day.

What is the energy efficiency of multideck display fridges?

The energy consumption of a multideck chiller depends on the size of the display space. However, most have an energy rating of F. We also stock display fridges with glass doors if you'd like to reduce your carbon footprint yet keep visibility high for your customers.