You may not want cubed ice and that's why it's important to look for a commercial ice flaker. Foster is a brand that you can trust and at, we offer a wide range of options for you to explore. There are multiple sized units for you to look at depending upon the amount of ice that you require. Built-in bins are also available to ensure that you have ice at your fingertips.

When you are ready to explore ice machines in general, we are available to assist you. Our customer service representatives can answer any questions that you may have and help you to find the best commercial ice flaker for your operation. We can also help you with other aspects of refrigeration equipment, including coolers and freezers.

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Commercial Ice Flakers

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  1. Foster FMIF 120 Ice Flaker
    Foster FMIF 120 Ice Flaker
    Production Capacity - 118kg per 24 hours
    Bin Capacity - 18 kgs
    Cube Type - Flaked
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    £4,499.00 £5,398.80

1 product

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