Commercial counters are the workhorses of your front and back-of-house operations. They provide essential food prep space, refrigerated storage, and attractive display options in one place.

From showcasing grab-and-go meals in retail counters to keeping ingredients fresh in refrigerated prep counters, choosing the right units is crucial for both functionality and enhancing the customer experience.

Commercial Counters

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Restaurant, Bar, and Shop Counters From Foster Fridge

Various refrigeration counters give you all sorts of options within your restaurant, pub, or other facility. In addition to maintaining refrigeration, you will also be able to use low-level counters for char grilling, broiling and various other food preparations. This gives you more flexibility within your space, especially when space is at a premium. Foster is one of the leading manufacturers, and you will be able to choose from various models throughout the site, available in different colours to match your kitchen's design. 

Regardless of what size you are looking for, you will find the model that fits your needs. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest standard products and can provide you with any details that you need to help make your decision easier. When you have questions about a particular product, or you need specifications, contact us for more information, and we'll be happy to help.

Browse our range of freezer prep counters, meat counters, and Foster Flex Drawers for even more practical storage options. Our fantastic Multideck display cabinets can also help you find the perfect display counter for your retail business.

Refrigeration Counter FAQs

What Is a Refrigerated Counter?

A refrigerated counter is a commercial appliance typically found in kitchens for food prep and storage. It combines a cool work surface with adjustable shelves and drawers behind hinged or sliding doors. This allows chefs to prep and store ingredients at safe temperatures, enhancing food preservation and efficiency in the kitchen.

What Is a Refrigerated Cabinet?

A refrigerated cabinet is a tall, upright appliance with shelves or compartments for storing and displaying chilled food and beverages. Unlike a refrigerator, a refrigerated cabinet is designed for commercial use and prioritizes maximizing visibility and product quality. Foster is a well-known brand that manufactures high-quality refrigerated cabinets that come in various configurations.

What Is Considered a Commercial-Grade Refrigerator?

A commercial-grade refrigerator is manufactured for professional kitchens and food service establishments. It is built to withstand heavy use and demanding environments and offers benefits like enhanced durability, consistent temperatures, and improved food safety.