The Foster EcoPro G3 Commercial Meat/Chill Cabinet offers a perfect storage solution for your commercial business.

Energy efficient

The Foster EcoPro G3 incorporates the latest and most advanced refrigeration and condenser engineering to use less energy and lower running costs.

Maximum storage capacity

Safely store meat, and other perishable items with the Foster EcoPro G3. Maximum refrigeration capacity makes the Foster G3 cabinets the perfect solution for high volume restaurants, supermarkets, and other businesses.

Industry-leading refrigeration technology

Enjoy industry-leading refrigeration technology with the Foster EcoPro G3's advanced airflow system. This ensures that your food is stored at the right temperature throughout the cabinet, whilst reducing running costs.

Crystal clear control display

The Foster EcoPro G3 features an intuitive user interface with a crystal clear LED display that helps you monitor the temperature within your fridge at all times. Temperature is displayed so you’re never in doubt about your meat’s safety.

Foster G3 Meat/Chill Cabinets

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2 products

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