At, we understand that space may be at a premium within your retail space. We are pleased to offer Foster's Slimline multideck display fridges that do not take up a lot of space. You will get quality refrigeration units that provide you with the ability to showcase all of the food that you have to offer. There is also a stunning stainless steel exterior that will attract customers to the unit. Chilling food within a retail environment has never been easier!

There are all sorts of features that will help you throughout your operation. You will have easy to clean shelves, LED lighting, energy efficiency, and even lockable options so that security is maintained when you are not within operating hours. Explore the different models available and contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to being your authorised dealer for Foster refrigeration products.

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Foster Slimline Multideck Display Fridges

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  1. FMSLIM 700 NG with Night Blind
    Foster FMSLIM 700 NG Multideck With Night Blind (+2°/+4°C)
    Part of Foster's multi deck range this slimline model offers optimum storage and display from the smallest possible footprint. Incorporating an intelligent controller with easy read digital display and advanced airflow technology this is another superb unit delivered by the refrigeration experts.
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    £4,119.00 £4,942.80
  2. FMSLIM 900 NG with Night Blind
    Foster FMSLIM 900 NG Multideck With Night Blind (+2°/+4°C)
    Offering exceptional capacity on a small footprint this excellent slimline unit displays chilled food, looking good and tasting fresh.Thanks to Foster’s attention to detail you can buy with total confidence knowing your purchase is high quality, robust and totally reliable. Easy to clean and maintain this range is admired for its low noise levels.
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    £4,309.00 £5,170.80
  3. FMSLIM 1200 NG with Night Blind
    Foster FMSLIM 1200 NG Multideck With Night Blind (+2°/+4°C)
    You want the right quantities well displayed, looking good and tasting fresh but space is at a premium, well the Foster slimline multi deck range has the solution. Industry leading innovation design combined with unbeatable performance and the smallest possible footprint. Easy to clean and maintain this stylish unit is popular due to it’s low noise levels.
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    £5,239.00 £6,286.80
  4. FMSLIM 1500 NG with Night Blind
    Foster FMSLIM 1500 NG Multideck With Night Blind (+2°/+4°C)
    The Foster slimline is a stylish, flexible and economical option for outlets where space is at a premium. Its versatile shelf depths allow up to 33% more display capacity than its competitors. Energy saving LED lighting is brighter, lasts longer and saves you money, a real area of consideration. An energy saving night blind and small footprint complete this product.
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    £5,629.00 £6,754.80
  5. FMSLIM 1800 NG with Night Blind
    Foster FMSLIM 1800 NG Multideck With Night Blind (+2°/+4°C)
    When space is at a premium but you still require quality, versatility and economy this robust display cabinet can offer the solution. The slimline range is manufactured to the usual high quality customers have come to expect. Displaying chilled food in a retail environment is all about achieving the right aesthetics combined with convenience and practicality.
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    £6,389.00 £7,666.80

5 products

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