Introducing the EcoShow multideck display fridges from Foster. The Ecoshow range comes with numerous features to ensure that these stylish display cabinets don’t eat into your energy bill. In fact, this range of cabinets delivers an amazing 80% energy saving when compared to previous multideck ranges. The glass doors are lockable to ensure your products are safe when you’re closed for the day. They also help to maintain constant temperatures within the cabinet and ensure minimal temperature reduction and fast temperature recovery when they are opened. The anti-glare LED lighting also helps to keep electricity costs low, whilst highlighting your products to your customers. The smooth unit cover has been designed to remove air efficiently without the need for any punched hole patterns.

Ensure maximum visibility to your products with the glass side panels, and you’ll need all that visibility as these cabinets come with a huge amount of storage space. Capable of holding between 304 - 884 cans, depending on the size of the cabinet, and that’s without double stacking! The clean aesthetics are also designed to easily blend in with your existing design.

The +Stayclear condenser (fitted at no extra cost), helps reduce the amount of time and maintenance needed for your multideck, helping save you money by reducing the chances of blockage and potential breakdown. The swivel castors - installed as standard, allow for easy movement, making cleaning in and around your multideck easier than ever!

Consider the Foster EcoShow multideck range of display cabinets for a premium solution to your food and beverage display needs, ensuring minimum energy costs and maximum style!

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Foster EcoShow Multideck Display Fridges

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  1. Foster EMD700G EcoShow Multideck (-1/+5°C )
    Foster EMD700G EcoShow Multideck (-1/+5°C )

    As part of Foster's multideck range the EcoShow EMD700G offers optimum storage and display. Glass fronted and lockable, this premium display cabinet is both secure and eco-friendly. Incorporating attractive LED uplighting and +Stayclear condenser, this unit has been designed to be both stylish and durable. Start saving on your energy costs today with the EcoShow from Foster.

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    £4,119.00 £4,942.80
  2. Foster EMD900G EcoShow Multideck (-1/+5°C )
    Foster EMD900G EcoShow Multideck (-1/+5°C )

    The EMD900G multideck refrigerator cabinet, part of Foster's display multideck range, delivers premium storage and presentation capability. With its glass front and lockable design, this top-tier display cabinet ensures your products are secure whilst also lowering energy consumption. Featuring LED uplighting and a +Stayclear condenser. Start your energy savings today with the EcoShow by Foster.

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    £4,309.00 £5,170.80
  3. Foster EMD1200G EcoShow Multideck (-1/+5°C )
    Foster EMD1200G EcoShow Multideck (-1/+5°C )

    Part of Foster's EcoShow range of multideck refrigerator display cabinets, the EMD1200G boasts a large storage capacity and stylish display. With a glass front and secure locking mechanism, this premium cabinet prioritises both security and energy efficiency. Enhanced with appealing LED uplighting and a +Stayclear condenser, this unit is engineered to provide an attractive display cabinet whilst also saving on your energy costs.

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    £5,239.00 £6,286.80
  4. Foster EMD1800G EcoShow Multideck (-1/+5°C )
    Foster EMD1800G EcoShow Multideck (-1/+5°C )

    The pinnacle of Foster's EcoShow multideck offerings, the EMD1800G stands out for its incredibly large storage capacity and stylish display. With a glass front and secure locking system, this premium display cabinet emphasizes security and lower energy consumption. Enhanced with LED uplighting and a +Stayclear condenser. Effortlessly transition to better energy savings with the EcoShow EMD1800G from Foster.

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    £6,389.00 £7,666.80

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