Foster offers the Premier BCT range on blast chillers and freezers. The Foster Premier Blast Chillers meet all of the regulations from the government when it comes to food cooling and you will be able to reduce a food temperature drastically within four hours’ time – ensuring that you meet all of the food health regulations. When you have a busy kitchen, this is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you can own.

Various models exist for you to choose from, ensuring that you have the size that you need. All sorts of features are available, including, reduce noise as well as energy efficiency. We are pleased to be an authorised dealer of Foster as they are one of the best manufacturers for refrigeration units in today's market. In addition to blast chillers, we can also provide you with prep stations, ice machines and so much more. Contact us today for more information.

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Foster Premier BCT Blast Chillers & Freezers

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  1. Foster BCT15-7 Blast Chiller/Freezer
    Foster BCT15-7 Blast Chiller/Freezer
    If you serve hot meals then you will almost certainly benefit from using a Foster blast chiller/freezer. This all stainless model accepts gastronorm 1/1 trays with front loading for easy access, cleaning and servicing.  The BCT 15-7 blast chiller/freezer exceeds UK and European food safety requirements.
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    £5,279.00 £6,334.80
  2. Foster BFT15 Blast Freezer
    Foster BFT15 Blast Freezer
    The compact BFT15 Blast Freezer unit has the same features as the blast chiller but is designed for blast freezing. Guidelines require food to be reduced from a temperature of +70ºC to -18ºC in no more than 240 minutes. Once the chosen cycle is concluded “hold” mode is engaged, keeping your product at -18ºC constantly, helping to save energy.
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    £5,609.00 £6,730.80
  3. Foster BCT22-12 Blast Chiller/Freezer
    Foster BCT22-12 Blast Chiller/Freezer
    A medium capacity blast chiller/freezer, the Foster BCT 22-12 incorporating “Foster Circular” air circulation system which ensures airflow is sucked horizontally over the food surface. An innovative idea that is far more effective at cooling food and significantly more efficient than traditional methods.
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    £6,269.00 £7,522.80
  4. Foster BFT22 Blast Freezer
    Foster BFT22 Blast Freezer
    A valuable addition to the smaller kitchen this sturdy blast freezer ensures less food is thrown away.  A bottom mounted refrigeration system aids stability, reduces noise and improves performance. With temperature probe as standard and stainless interior/exterior, cabinet hygiene standards are easy to maintain.
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    £6,709.00 £8,050.80
  5. Foster BCT38-18 Blast Chiller/Freezer
    Foster BCT38-18 Blast Chiller/Freezer
    The Foster BCT 38-18 is a larger blast chiller/freezer more than capable of meeting the demands of the busy enterprise, a unit that is an essential element of any professional kitchen. Food waste is reduced and the quality of your food is preserved, whilst hygiene standards are maintained.
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    £7,779.00 £9,334.80
  6. Foster BFT38 Blast Freezer
    Foster BFT38 Blast Freezer
    Unbeatable performance and energy efficiency is assured with this robust, high quality blast freezer. Noise levels are reduced and hygiene standards exceeded thanks to bottom mounted refrigeration system. All stainless steel cabinet and clever design including a self-closing door with easy grip handle that opens to 180º revealing a stainless interior that accepts gastronorm 1/1 trays.
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    £8,989.00 £10,786.80
  7. Foster BCT52-26 Blast Chiller/Freezer
    Foster BCT52-26 Blast Chiller/Freezer
    Our largest cabinet blast chiller/freezer offering the same benefits as it’s smaller colleagues but with the increased capacity that your busier kitchen demands. The high powered refrigeration system, utilising Foster “Circulair”, blasts cold air laterally over the product at high speed extracting heat whilst maintaining food quality.
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    £9,389.00 £11,266.80
  8. Foster BFT52 Blast Freezer
    Foster BFT52 Blast Freezer
    Current food legislation requires all food to be cooled as quickly as possible. Foster's blast freezer reduces food temperature from +70ºC to -18ºC in no more than 240 minutes, exceeding current guidelines. Offering simple programming options, incorporating 'touch pad' technology the BFT52 is easy to operate using this innovative method.
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    £9,809.00 £11,770.80

8 products

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