Commercial Pro Multideck

Our commercial pro multidecks may be just what you need within your retail space. Whether you are selling cupcakes, sandwiches or anything else, you want to showcase products in the best possible light, so that everything looks appetising. Maintaining temperature is also critical so that you do not end up discarding food. All of the food will be displayed properly and food will stay fresh with these Foster units. You can choose the size that works best for you and can fit in the space that you have allotted for such a unit.

Security can also be maintained at night with a shutter that pulls down and locks. All sorts of features can be found within these units, so you simply need to identify what is important to you. Browse through the various models and if you have questions, we are here to help you.

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Pro Multideck

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  1. FMPRO 900 NG with Night Blind
    Foster FMPRO 900 NG Multideck With Night Blind (+2°/+4°C)
    Foster products are designed and built in Britain to provide excellent standards. This display chiller is the ultimate large capacity, multideck solution to your easy access display requirements.Extreme energy efficiency is achieved thanks to LED lighting and a ‘soft closing mechanism’ night blind. Enlarged glass end panels and attractive display window provide customers with a highly visible presentation
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    £4,789.00 £5,746.80
  2. FMPRO 900 RF with Lockable Shutter
    Foster FMPRO 900 RF Multideck With Lockable Shutter (+2°/+4°C)
    Designed with the end user in mind, Foster’s superb multideck display chillers offer a practical solution for catering and retail operations of all sizes. An innovative air refrigeration system ensures even the most delicate products maintain their freshness and appeal. Ultra bright LED lighting guarantees high visual impact whilst a robust, lockable security shutter ensured peace of mind
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    £5,059.00 £6,070.80
  3. FMPRO 1200 NG with Night Blind
    Foster FMPRO 1200 NG Multideck With Night Blind (+2°/+4°C)
    As part of Foster’s Pro range, this stylish display cabinet achieves remarkable storage capabilities thanks to intelligent, economical design solutions. Your professional business requires well displayed products, looking good and tasting fresh. Genuine temperature retention aided by advanced airflow technology always keeps produce at the correct temperature. A robust, class leading multideck with high visual impact and energy saving features including a retracting soft closing night blind.
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    £5,839.00 £7,006.80
  4. FMPRO 1200 RF with Lockable Shutter
    Foster FMPRO 1200 RF Multideck With Lockable Shutter (+2°/+4°C)
    The best materials, the strongest designs, the finest ergonomics, the fullest specification and total reliability. Why would you look elsewhere when sourcing a professional multideck display cabinet? Bright and clean, long life LED lighting really brings your merchandise to life within a stylish cabinet that has high visual impact and positive customer response. A robust, energy saving unit, incorporating a tough lockable shutter for added security.
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    £6,139.00 £7,366.80
  5. FMPRO 1500 NG with Night Blind
    Foster FMPRO 1500 NG Multideck With Night Blind (+2°/+4°C)
    This all stainless multideck unit has high visuals and superb customer impact. Glass end panels and energy saving LED lighting add to it's appeal. Advanced airflow technology helps maintain product temperature and an energy saving, retracting 'soft closing' night blind helps reduce your carbon footprint.
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    £6,299.00 £7,558.80
  6. FMPRO 1500 RF with Lockable Shutter
    Foster FMPRO 1500 RF Multideck With Lockable Shutter (+2°/+4°C)
    When purchasing a multi deck display unit your priorities are having the right quantities, well displayed, looking good and tasting fresh then a superior Foster unit will certainly tick all the boxes. If security during downtime is an issue then this models robust, lockable shutter offers a practical solution.
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    £6,639.00 £7,966.80
  7. FMPRO 1800 NG with Night Blind
    Foster FMPRO 1800 NG Multideck With Night Blind (+2°/+4°C)
    As part of the 'Pro' range this unit achieves remarkable storage, enhanced by energy saving LED lighting. An intelligent controller ensures even temperature retention and an energy saving night blind completes the package.
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    £7,469.00 £8,962.80

7 products

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