Foster Refrigerator Green Credentials


Foster were the first UK commercial refrigeration manufacturer to obtain ISO 14001 the recognised international standard in Environmental Management Systems.

Sustainability & The Environment

Foster Refrigerator’s unique package offers more than any other manufacturer to support environmental responsibility. You can be sure that you are buying from a company that is environmentally responsible and compliant with environmental law.

Foster Refrigerator is approved to ISO 9001 quality management system standard for the design and manufacture of commercial refrigeration equipment and cold room storage facilities. The approval also covers installation, commissioning and supply of associated spare parts including customer support training. All products conform to current legislation and exceed Montreal Protocol Guidelines. In addition to this a Hydrocarbon option is available at no extra cost – Hydrocarbon is a naturally occurring refrigeration gas, the only commercial gas that is Zero Ozone Depleting and has minimal global warming potential.

Running Costs

Foster Refrigerator cabinets and counters are on the Government's Energy Technology List so benefitting from the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme governed by the Carbon Trust. They have been independently tested and meet their standards on energy efficiency. All Foster cabinets such as the have 60mm of Cyclopentane foamed insulation for improved thermal efficiency. Continuous technological developments and advancements are being introduced into all Foster poducts. Energy efficiency and running cost reduction is an intrinsic part of Fosters philosophy and can be found throughout the current product range and will continue be the keystone in all future product developments.

Gas Leaks/Coated Coils

Foster Refrigerator are the only commercial refrigeration manufacturer to use Helium Leak Detection. This can detect the very smallest gas leak which could not be found using normal equipment. In addition evaporator coils have not one but two protective coatings called ‘double dipping’ to ensure even the very centre of the coil is protected from corrosion. These processes are unique to Foster Fridge and are important for customers as they ensure the operating efficiency of Foster's refrigeration systems. This was covered in ACR Today (April 2005) as, “ a system that loses 15% of its refrigerant charge through leakage will see a 50% drop in cooling capacity and 100% increase in energy consumption.”