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Returns/Cancellation Policy

Whilst it is rare for a customer to want to return a Foster product we do have procedures and policies in place for such an event. Please read in full the details below if you do wish to cancel or return a product.

If for whatever reason you wish to cancel, return or exchange the unit/s ordered please contact us immediately. DO NOT use the unit in anyway. Once the unit is used we cannot accept any returns.

Fees for cancelling or returning units are as follows:

Canceling orders -

Dependent on what stage the order is at will determine the costs of cancellation. If the unit is being built to order the fees may be significantly higher or in some cases cancellation may not be possible and full payment will still be required.

Coldrooms and other modular units that are built to order cannot be cancelled once production has started.

If the unit has already been despatched aborted delivery and re-stocking charges will also be applied.

Returning orders -  

Standard (no specification changes) units can be returned, if unused and in their original packaging, however this is subject to collection and re-stocking fees payable in full by the customer. The amount will vary dependent on the product/s in question.

Built to order products will incur higher re-stocking fees.

Products specified and built to the customers specific requirements will either incur very high fees due to the specialist specification or in some cases a return maybe rejected due to the specification being too specific for it to be resalable.

Coldrooms and other modular units that are built to order cannot be returned.

A full inspection of returned units will be undertaken and if damage is found the customer will be responsible for the cost of the repairs. If the damage is too severe no refund will be given and the unit can be returned to the customer at the customers expense if so required.

Only once the return and the inspection is completed will a refund be granted minus the stated re-stocking and cancellation fees and any damage costs that may be applicable.

All returns are at the managements discretion and must be confirmed in advance.

Items returned without prior agreement will not be accepted and will be rejected to be returned to the customer at their own expense.


The client must measure and make sure the unit is of a suitable size to fit through access ways and in it's final position. It is the customer's responsibility to supply full information regarding the site and access. Any access issues should be clearly stated in advance. If upon arrival the deliverers cannot complete the task due to site access restrictions, the customer will be responsible for any costs incurred, including re-stocking fees, re-deliveries, specialist equipment and or additional man power.

Orders cancelled due to site access issues will be subject to the aforementioned terms and costs. In certain circumstances a return may not be accepted if the unit has been built to your specific requirements.

If you unsure of your site access or the unit suitability please keep in mind that we can carry out a site survey before the order is placed. Please contact us if you would like a survey.

If upon arrival a unit is damaged please contact us immediately while the couriers are with you. Please do not sign for a damaged product without notifying us prior to this.

Please unpack units upon arrival and notify us of any damage immediately. Damage reported after the day of delivery will be at the managements discretion as to how we respond to the repairs/replacement.