Foster Refrigerator Gastro Eco Pro Range Explained

Gastro Pro Cabinets

Foster Refrigerator's Gastro Eco Pro range offers the greenest foodsafe commercial refrigeration in the world. Once again, Foster Fridge's innovative design and engineering team have developed advancements in technology which generate significant energy and carbon reductions at no extra cost. Every stage from design, manufacture, cabinet running costs, right through to recycling is focused on saving you money whilst at the same time saving tonnes and tonnes worth of carbon emissions but never compromising on our commitment to food safety.  Built to the same high quality standards as all Foster Refrigerator products and with a wide range of single and double door fridge, freezer and meat/chill cabinets and two, three and four door refrigerator, freezer and meat/chill counters designed specifically to meet the demands of today's busy caterers, the Foster Refrigerator Gastro Eco Pro range provides excellence, efficiency and practicality at a very competitive price.

The Foster Refrigerator Gastro EcoPro Range range offers a staggering saving of up to 50% on energy usage. The key features of the new range that make this efficiency possible include:-

Super Low Energy Consumption
New, highly efficient, advanced ECM fans combined with clever circuit design optimizes the performance of the refrigeration system delivering much lower energy consumption whilst importantly still delivering food safe temperature performance

Unbeatable Specification
From the Fuzzy Logic controller to the helium leak tested system, the new Foster Refrigerator Eco Pro has been designed from the ground up to reduce energy costs.

Market Leading Capacity Delivers Best Value
With over 10% more capacity compared to competitor equivalents, the cost per litre of storage space – as well as the running cost per litre is lower. The result: you store more for less.

Market Leading Environmental Credentials:
The Foster Refrigerator Eco Pro environmental credentials include being listed on the ECA Scheme, Hydrocarbon ‘natural’ refrigerant (zero ODP and very low GWP rating) available as a no cost option, in combination with being the only manufacturer to be internationally recognized to environmental standard ISO14001.

Key Gastro Eco Pro Features:

  • Wide choice of capacities and storage temperatures: Refrigerator +1/+4ºC; Meat/Chill -2/+2ºC; Freezer -18/-21ºC; and now introducing the NEW Wine +10º/+12ºC and Fish -1/+1ºC temperatures on selected models
  • Compact refrigeration system and concealed fan and evaporator to maximise storage space
  • Environmentally friendly: zero ODP refrigerants and insulation, over 99% recyclable, energy saving Hydrocarbon refrigerant option and minimal noise output
  • Hot gas defrost: quicker and creates lower temperature rise and faster temperature recovery
  • Designed with hygiene in mind: easy to clean, no visible fixings, no dirt traps on door, fully removable shelf fixings, and castor-mounted as standard for easy positioning and cleaning round the cabinet
  • Air distribution maximises efficient operation, and maintains even temperature throughout
  • 60mm all-round insulation improves energy efficiency
  • Energy efficient self-closing doors with durable stainless steel hinges
  • Coated Coil: prevents corrosion and prolongs refrigeration system life
  • Impact resistant thermal break helps maintain temperature difference and offers easy access for servicing
  • Selected cabinets available on the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme

Product Update:

The Gastro Pro range of counters is still available however the cabinets have now been replaced with the all new and improved Foster G2 range of cabinets.