The New Foster Refrigerator G2 Range Explained

World class refrigeration can aid the efficiency of your business. Like any profitable organisation, your kitchen needs to deliver excellence. Everything we do at Foster Refrigerator is dedicated to producing world-class refrigeration products that will keep your food fresher for longer, reach the highest standards of hygiene and safety, plus the highest levels of environmental awareness.

Foster Refrigerator has been an industry leader sine 1968, with over 44 years of experience in keeping your food safe. Not a bad track record in the competitive world of commercial refrigeration, any new product range from Foster must therefore be worth investigating.

Here at we are very excited about the new product range, the EcoPro G2. Foster have always strived to evolve and grow to exceed customer expectations, with the launch of the new G2 range they have succeeded once again.

The Foster ambition and goal is to help your business thrive; let your purchase become a tangible contributor to your success. Foster Refrigerator understands that reputation is everything; they know that yours is built on hard work and customer satisfaction.
A commercial refrigerator is more than just a food storage solution; it can dictate food quality, the longevity of your quality ingredients and enhance efficiency in your kitchen. The new EcoPro G2 range has been designed and developed with all these things in mind.

Foster employ highly qualified, experienced and above all passionate designers, dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. “British design and manufacturing at its best”. When we get it right our designs are world beaters, the new EcoProG2 has achieved just that. The new range offers a number of key performance, quality and reliability features including: “fluid fresh dynamics” air flow modelled for improved distribution of air. This significant advance in research and development has resulted in scientifically optimised temperature control. With all the benefits to your business of increased energy savings and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

Foster Refrigerators new generation of cabinets the EcoPro G2 range have an easily adaptable racking system with easy fit slides which feature an anti-tilt system for robustness. The shelves are fully secured into the rear air duct and can hold up to 40kg.
To maintain thermal efficiency Cyclopentane foam is used for insulation, this enables the EcoPro G2 cabinets to be used even in very hot kitchens.
The new door design has been created to look sleek no matter where the unit is positioned and reinforced 5mm stainless hinges eliminate the risk of “door sag”. Foster has tested the G2 doors to simulate 10 years of opening.

Hygiene and Safety:
As in all commercial refrigeration hygiene is paramount. A clean kitchen is the primary basis for food preparation, products like the EcoPro G2 that are hygienically designed and very easy to keep clean are a real asset to any busy kitchen. Thanks to the latest laser cutting technology all stainless steel joints are precise and eliminate any rough edges, a real plus! Removable racking and easy to clean materials result in a product that is perfect for meeting the very latest stringent hygiene requirements.

The EcoPro G2 range features lockable castors as standard enabling easy movement of units for cleaning or repositioning. Foster Fridge are very conscious of energy costs and are pleased that the new G2 range incorporates self closing doors as standard, to help maintain a constant temperature. When one considers that rising energy costs have to be a major consideration in any successful business it is reassuring to know that the new Foster Eco Pro G2 cabinets are 20% more energy efficient than the award winning low energy EcoPro range.
Much is said about reducing our carbon footprint, something we at Foster-Fridge are passionate about. Reducing energy costs and the environmental impact is one of the most important aspects of any company moving forward.
The EcoPro G2 range incorporates high performance “Cyclopentane” foam, extra wall thickness and energy saving “hot gas” vaporisation and defrost. This utilises waste “heat” from the refrigeration system. All of these processes contribute to the overall energy saving aspects of the G2 range.

Design and Aesthetics:
Obviously functionality is all important; however aesthetics must be a consideration for any business. The EcoPro G2 range from Foster Refrigeration has been designed with sleek minimalist styling that will create a refined and sophisticated look in your kitchen.
Key feature designs include, easy opening door handles, a newly designed top fascia panel, featuring the “airlines” ventilation system. This means that your state of the art product looks great in any situation whilst keeping the system cool and efficient. (A reduction in running time by 15% in tests)
The enlarged, bright white PMVA temperature display is both functional and easy to read, even from up to 10mtrs.
The EcoProG2 cabinets have new and improved “Fuzzy Logic II” intelligent controls with “e” modes which drive reduced energy consumption. Finally a low voltage “smart phone” style touch sensitive control panel keeps the screen flat and clutter free until activated.
Another added benefit from Fosters new range, that any service engineer will appreciate, is the hidden-unit lit interface technology with clear icon displays for easy diagnostics.

There is a full range of cabinet sizes and options available, these include the EP700, EP700 half door and EP700 under mount (fitted with rollers and removable castors to reduce the overall height to 2000mm)
Also available is the EP820 Broadway. The double door EP1440 and the EP1440 undermount. Most of the cabinets are available as refrigerator, freezer or meat chiller. Hydrocarbon refrigerant is also available as a no cost option helping to reduce energy consumption even further.
Consult the website for a full breakdown of specification, options and cabinet dimensions. The majority of Foster Refrigerator cabinets and counters are on the governments Carbon Trust Energy Technology list, meaning you can save 8.6% on your capital cost in the first year. All have been independently tested and meet their standards on energy efficiency. We at Foster Fridge understand that in these challenging economic times, every penny counts.
When the energy efficiency, build quality and reliability of the new Eco Pro G2 cabinets are factored in it is impossible to argue with the whole-life cost proposition a Foster Refrigerator or Freezer.

The Foster G2 range is the best yet, delivering better performance and cost saving. The best just got better!

NEW: If you would like to see our very own Becky Sharpe going over the many improvements and advances brought to you by the new Foster Refrigerator Eco Pro G2 range check out our new Eco Pro G2 Refrigerator Cabinet Range video here.