Commercial Bakery Freezers

There are all sorts of reasons why you need to have a commercial bakery freezer. Whether you are freezing leftover dough, batter or anything else, you will be able to store as much as you need within the cabinets that has to offer. There are single and double doors, providing you with substantial amounts of space. You can get the food in there and have it available when you need it – whether it is a finished product or just the ingredients.

Foster is one of the leading refrigeration manufacturers throughout the UK and you will be able to take advantage of the various features that they have to offer. Maintaining temperatures is a breeze and you will be able to gain energy efficiency through these models. Let us help you choose the best model for your business and we can also help you with other products, including refrigeration cabinets and retarder counters.

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  1. Foster EP 20 BSF Bakery Freezer (-18°/-21°C)
    Foster EP 20 BSF Bakery Freezer (-18°/-21°C)
    An upright, single door freezer manufactured to Fosters usual high standards able to meet the professional bakery's demanding requirements. Maintaining temperatures -18°C/-21°C this unit provides ideal back up for your busy enterprise.
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    £5,249.00 £6,298.80

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