Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme

Foster Refrigerator was the FIRST COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION manufacturer to be registered on the ECA Scheme.

In order to meet the requirements of the Scheme, manufacturers must have their refrigeration equipment tested to prove that it conforms to various, incredibly rigorous, requirements on energy efficiency, performance and capacity. Foster Refrigerator were the first commercial refrigeration manufacturer to have their fridges, freezers and chillers pass these stringent requirements and be accepted onto the Scheme.

The ECA Scheme (also known as the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme) provides up-front tax relief for businesses that invest in energy efficient equipment, entitling businesses to 100% tax relief on their investment in the first year. The full cost of any Foster Refrigeration equipment you buy is tax deductable!

Buying a Foster machine that is ECA approved can be equivalent to an extra 8.6% discount.

Please contact us for more information or see our ECA Scheme PDF