Commercial Retarder Counter

Breads, pastries, and other items need to retard in an ideal atmosphere. The commercial retarder counters offered by Foster provide an even flow of air, temperature, and humidity in order to give your bakery exactly what it needs. Lockable castors exist, allowing you to move it from location to location and then lock it in place. Whether you are a pizzeria or a bakery, you know that dough needs to have a good place to rise and there is no better option than what Foster has within their bakery line.

When you are looking for a valuable asset to your bakery, you will need a quality retarder counter. At, we can assist you with all of the products that you need for your bakery when it comes to refrigeration. In addition to retarder counters, we can help you with cabinets, ice machines, prep tops and much more. Should you have questions about any of the products, contact us so that we can help.

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Commercial Dough Retarder

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