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Commercial Ice Machines / Water Coolers

There are all sorts of different ice machines, and water coolers available for your commercial needs. Whether you are looking to create your own ice or you need to keep drinking water cool, there are options for you to explore. Foster has a variety of professional refrigeration options and we have the best prices for you and your business's needs.

We look forward to providing you with the various models and can assist in choosing the best model to meet your needs. Take a look through the various ice cubers, flakers, dispensers, and drinking water coolers to see what is available. If you have any questions, we look forward to answering all that you have. Our two year warranty and price promise makes us the authorised dealer to purchase your Foster equipment from.

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    Foster FS20 Ice Cuber

    The Foster FS20 is a very efficient high performance Ice Cuber, designed for compact conditions and consistent results. Optional legs provide a height increase for drainage, where required.

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    ( £1,332.00 inc VAT )

    Foster FS40 Ice Cuber

    The Foster FS40 is a highly efficient Ice Cuber, which delivers a 37kg output per 24 hours. It delivers consistent results, top quality ice production and is excellent for medium usage.

    ex VAT
    ( £1,836.00 inc VAT )

    Foster FS50 Ice Cuber

    With 47kg output, the Foster FS50 provides excellent ice production for a medium sized establishment. Combined with an integral bin capable of storing 22kgs, the FS50 Ice Cuber offers a good volume of ice whilst minimising its footprint and being able to fit under the counter.

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    ( £2,328.00 inc VAT )

    Foster FS90 Ice Cuber

    The Foster FS90 provides an excellent output of 82g per 24 hours with a storage capacity of 42kgs. With an innovative design and highly efficient performance, the Foster FS90 delivers consistent results at a large volume for a fully integrated ice machine. The new flush system ensures clear ice, free from impurities, every time.

    ex VAT
    ( £2,736.00 inc VAT )

    Foster FID 35 Ice Dispenser

    This self-service Foster Ice Dispenser produces high quality ice on demand, with an output of 27kg per 24 hours. The ice is dispensed via a simple light bean sensor, reducing the risk of contamination. Perfect for hotels and medical facilities.

    ex VAT
    ( £3,324.00 inc VAT )

    Foster FMIF 120 Ice Flaker

    This Foster ice flaker provides a high output of flaked ice; 110kg per 24 hours. It also has an integral storage bin that can hold upto 27kg of top quality ice flakes. As a fully integrated system this flaker takes up minimal floor space.

    ex VAT
    ( £3,852.00 inc VAT )

    Foster F132 Ice Cuber with SB 105 Bin

    The Foster F132 Ice Cuber provides top quality ice production with a dedicated bin capacity of 100kg. This unit is perfect for larger sites and establishments which require a large demand for ice production.

    ex VAT
    ( £4,050.00 inc VAT )

1 - 10 products displayed of 17

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