Foster FMIF 120 Ice Flaker

2 Yrs warranty 13amp

Dimensions (mm)

  • h 1000
  • w 680
  • d 510
£4,499.00 £5,398.80

This Foster ice flaker provides a high output of flaked ice; 110kg per 24 hours. It also has an integral storage bin that can hold upto 27kg of top quality ice flakes. As a fully integrated system this flaker takes up minimal floor space.

  • Output - 110kg per 24 hours
  • Bin Capacity - 27 kgs
  • High Quality stainless steel finish
  • Flaked Ice
  • Air cooled
  • Dimensions - 1000 (h) x 680 (w) x 510 (d) (mm)

Warranty - 2 Years Parts and Labour

ION Cleaners – Used for purifying water and preventing limescale damage.
These can be fitted to clean and filter the water. It is a self-energising ionisation system improving chlorine retention, inhibiting bacteria formation, stopping the production of calcium and magnesium scale and preventing rust. We would recommend fitting an ION cleaner for any sites in hard water areas.

Condensate pumps - Used for draining water coolers.
We would recommend the use of gravity to drain the water from the machine wherever possible, utilising a stand if required. If this is not possible a condensate pump should be specified and fitted.

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