Foster DWC 20 DC Direct Chill Drinking Water Cooler

2 Yrs warranty 13amp

Dimensions (mm)

  • h 1120
  • w 335
  • d 330
£879.00 £1,054.80

The Foster DWC 20 DC is a chilled water cooler capable of producing upto 20 litres of fresh drinking water per hour. It has a cup holder built into the top to store cups  for convenience and quick access to them. The slim design means it takes up minimal floor space whilst also fitting nicely into any corner operation. It needs a water supply but does not require any drainage. The DWC 20 DC is perfect for conference rooms, canteens and staff rooms.

  • Capacity - 20 litres per hour (Direct Chill)
  • Standard Finish - Hygienic Foodsafe Finish
  • Floor Standing
  • Requires a water supply but no drainage
  • Water: 3/8" fitting
  • Dimensions - 1120 (h) x 335 (w) x 330 (d) (mm)

Warranty - 2 Years Parts and Labour

ION Cleaners – Used for purifying water and preventing limescale damage.
These can be fitted to clean and filter the water. It is a self-energising ionisation system improving chlorine retention, inhibiting bacteria formation, stopping the production of calcium and magnesium scale and preventing rust. We would recommend fitting an ION cleaner for any sites in hard water areas.

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