Foster Refrigerators not only lead the way in commercial refrigeration cabinets and counters but also supply cold rooms of all shapes and sizes to a diverse range of customers. Offering a completely tailored service we can offer a cold room to suit your requirements.

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Enjoy a Quality Cold Room From Foster Fridge

Alongside Fosters bespoke cold rooms we also offer the ProLine range of freezer rooms. Designed for customers who have a space and budget in mind where a pre-designed size will fit perfectly. These modular cold rooms are ideal for fresh or frozen goods and can be used to store large quantities of frozen produce.

The ProLine Standard Freezer Rooms come in fixed sizes with a temperature range of -18°C to -21°C. They can be fitted with either remote or integral refrigeration systems for greater flexibility. All freezer rooms come with the option of shelving, designed to maximise the storage space of your chosen freezer room. All rooms listed are priced with full installation and commissioning. We also provide a project manager with every installation to make sure your freezer room installation runs smoothly and efficiently.

If a walk-in fridge is something that your business needs, we also stock efficient solutions for your needs. Our high-quality chiller rooms are excellent for fast-paced restaurants and busy venues. To find out more about any of our walk-in fridges or freezers or schedule delivery of your bulk refrigeration unit, please get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cold Rooms

What is the difference between a cold room and a freezer room?

Freezer rooms and cold rooms are one in the same thing. Cold rooms is the term that most people use to describe any cold room that can house large quantities of food, whether that is a freezer or a chiller. To hone in on exactly what you need, look at the temperature ratings. Freezer rooms can reach -21°C whereas chillers only go down to about +1°C.

What is the use of a freezer room?

Large venues and busy restaurants use freezer rooms to store produce and meat at low temperatures to keep it from spoiling. They have shelving units inside to make organising everything easy and are the ideal option for keeping all of your frozen goods in a single place.

How do you clean a freezer room?

Regular cleaning of a freezer room is very simple. Regular surface cleaners can be used on the floors and the walls and high-pressure cleaners can be used for deeper cleans.

How do you service a freezer room?

The company that makes your freezer room should be able to provide regular service and maintenance for your freezer room. All of the cold rooms we stock are made by Foster who has a fantastic after-sale care service and you can book regular maintenance and services directly with them.