Foster Refrigerator Economy / Space Saver Cabinets Explained

Foster Economy/Space Saver cabinets

The Foster Refrigerator 410 range is perfect for the smaller business, or for large chains, as it is economic to purchase and run. Specification outshines all other budget products on the market, at a very competitive price. All cabinets are finished in stainless steel exterior and aluminium interior and are available in two temperature ranges: Fridge (+3/+5ºC) and Freezer (-18/-21ºC)


 Key Foster Economy/Space Saver Features

  • Perfect where space is at a premium; although it fits into even the smallest café or takeaway kitchen, the 410 still provides 400 litres of capacity, meeting the caterer’s storage needs at a budget price.
  • Slimline footprint: ideal for narrow spaces and difficult access.
  • Lockable doors as standard on both the fridge and freezer.
  • Doors can be hinged on either side of the cabinet, for additional flexibility in a kitchen with limited space. The fridge model offers the option of a glass door with or without an internal light.
  • For ease of mobility, roller castors to the rear are standard.
  • The Foster Refrigerator 410 range represents superb value for money and comes with the guarantee of reliability, energy efficiency and performance that is synonymous with the Foster name.