Foster Refrigerator Slimline Range Explained

The Slimline Range

The Foster Refrigerator Slimline range means food safe storage is now at an affordable price, thanks to Europe’s leading commercial refrigeration manufacturer, Foster Refrigerator. Four models are available with single door 400 litre and two door 800 litre capacity in a choice of three temperatures (+1/+4ºC refrigerator; –18/-21ºC freezer; and -2/+2ºC meat).
All the features and benefits in the new Slimline cabinets are ideal for smaller, independent catering outlets looking for value for money, quality commercial refrigeration. 

  • The new Slimline range’s footprint is ideal for outlets where space is an issue
  • The bottom mounted refrigeration system draws in cool air from the lower part of the kitchen ensuring efficient operation and lower running costs
  • Forced air refrigeration also allows for even temperature distribution and fast recovery, ensuring food is constantly at safe temperatures, even in busy kitchens 
  • The Foster Slimline range is also designed with easy use and operation in mind, with an electronic temperature display for accurate control and LED display for easy visual reference (recessed for protection) 
  • The range includes a removable door gasket, automatic defrost and castors, all as standard for hassle free operation
  • For ease of access, left hand door hinging is also an option
  • Slimline delivers the reliability and performance you would expect from a Foster at a highly competitive price
  • Automatic defrost for hassle-free operation

Foster Fridge build quality for durability in use