The New Foster Eco Pro G2 Range Is Here!

The Foster Refrigerator 2nd Generation G2 Range is here!

The next generation of Foster Professional Refrigeration is here. The Foster EcoPro G2 range. Set to revolutionise the commercial refrigeration market.

Foster Refrigerator has always lead the way with ground breaking developments in the commercial refrigeration industry. Using the latest design and technology Foster has lead the way in producing ground breaking products that have surpassed the competition in reliability, durability and efficiency leaving the others playing catch up.

Well the best is now even better. The all new 2nd generation Foster Eco Pro G2 range is available now. View the G2 range of fridges, freezers and chillers now!

The range has already won awards for its efficiency, minimal energy consumption, improved food storage and design enhancements that improve the entire user experience from loading to cleaning, from operating to servicing.

If you work in the commercial food preparation industry and have any requirement for food storage you need to check out the new Foster Refrigerator G2 range now.