Since 1971, Lincat catering equipment has been a go-to name for commercial businesses across the food service, event supply and accommodation sectors. In particular, Lincat water boilers remain among the most widely used and trusted professional catering products on the global market.

With a strong reputation for build quality, reliability and lasting value earned over four decades, the Lincat range of commercial kitchen solutions has since expanded to include dozens of efficient, cost-effective and user-friendly options. All are designed around saving you time and energy, and built to withstand the most demanding catering environments.

Today, best-selling products from this top appliance brand now cover all areas of food and beverage service, with a diverse array of cooking and temperature control devices on offer. Our full Lincat selection of countertop and free-standing, wet and dry heat catering equipment now features hobs, toasters, water boilers and much more.


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